Insulation Solutions to rising heating bills

Everyone knows heat rises and with heating bills heading in the same direction there is no excuse for not insulating your attic. The attic is potentially a major area of heat loss in any house. Up to 35% of heat lost can be leaked through the roof. Unlike wall solutions this is an area that can be rectified relatively cheaply and so the payback time on insulating your attic is minimal.

What can we do to help you?

A member of the CosiHomes Insulation Solutions team will call to your house and assess the current insulation in your attic, what the requirements are to get you to the SEAI Grant standards are, and complete a free energy survey. We realise that not all roofs are the same, or straightforward so we offer a wide range of rollout, blown and rigid insulation solutions.

Everyone knows someone who had burst pipes this winter…

Insulating your attic is not just about insulating between your ceiling joists. The current requirement to bring insulation up to the required standard for the SEAI Grant scheme is 300mm or 12 inches of insulation. This in itself means that there is no longer any heat escaping into your attic space, and as such can lead to freezing pipes and burst tanks.

CosiHomes will always include in every quotation for the following as standard:

  • Insulating all your pipes
  • Wrapping all tanks
  • Putting lids and insulation on all tanks
  • Installing a walkway to your tanks
  • Maintaining ventilation
  • Draught proofing & insulating attic hatch

What is Cavity Wall insulation?

A cavity wall usually consists of two leafs of bricks or blocks with a space between them. If your home was built before the mid1980s with cavity walls it may not contain insulation. More recent cavity walls may have some, but it may not be sufficient, and could be improved upon.

How does it work?

If your house has poor insulation qualities and was built as cavity wall construction, our grant aided injected cavity wall bead system will be an ideal cost effective way for you to bring your house up to today’s insulation standards and make your home up to 25% more energy efficient in the cavity.



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