Make sure you make the saving once you insulate…

Once you have insulated you home it is important that you make sure that you take advantage of these works and reduce your heating bills. Unfortunately in many homes their heating habits do not change just because they insulate their home.

Upgrading your boiler and heating controls will make sure that you take advantage of all the savings that can be made.


The general rule is the older the boiler the less efficient it will be. All new boilers that CosiHomes install under the SEAI Grant aided schemes are more than 91% efficient. Some old boilers if not serviced can be as low as 70% or even 60% efficient. That means that 30 or even 40 cents of every euro you spend on your heating is wasted.

Heating Controls

Installing heating controls could save you up to 20% on your heating bill. Heating controls allow your system to monitor the temperature in every room of you house and react accordingly to reduce heat and hot water heating when not needed.

There are 4 main components to heating controls and for those of you who want to know these are set out below.

Radiator Thermostats

Thermostat Radiator Valves (TRV’s) are installed on each radiator in every room. This enables the radiator to monitor its own temperature thereby reducing waste from overheating rooms that are not in use.

Splitting and Controlling Different Zones

At a minimum we will split your hot water heating and your room heating requirements to allow you to heat your hot water through your boiler, without having to heat the radiators. We would also look to allow you heat different areas of the house individually say, upstairs or downstairs. By breaking you system into different elements we allow you to only use your system where and when it is needed.

Room Thermostats

Having thermostats installed allow you to control the optimum temperature in areas of your house that you may not spend a lot of time in. For example it allows you to have your bedrooms at a slightly lower temperature than your living room or kitchen.

Time clocks

By installing a 7 day 2/3 zone time clock we can allow you total control over presetting heating. You can have different settings for weekends or holidays, which ensures that the heating is never run inefficiently again.

Multi Zone Heating & Control

Multizoning from CosiHomes is simply a system where each room in your house or building is treated as an individual heating zone. This means that each room will have its own unique temperature. Multizoning allows you to control the temperatures in each room, so you can set the system to suit your daily needs. Therefore, you only heat the rooms you need, when you need them to be heated.

You can control the system, no matter where you are, at work, on a bus, or even on holidays through your computer, laptop or smartphone.



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