Stop wasting money ‐  Take Positive Action in Your Home with external wall insulation

In today’s climate, both natural and financial, we at CosiHomes realise the importance of a properly insulated home cannot be overstated. External wall insulation is the most cost effective and complete way of insulating your home, to eliminate all thermal bridging (gaps in the insulation) and be confident that a uniform level of insulation is achieved.

With Irelands relatively cold & wet climate, us as homeowners may have as much control over the price of oil as we do over the weather, but we can take positive action in our own homes to reduce the impact of these factors by making sure our homes are adequately insulated.

Did you know that Up to 30% of your homes heat can be lost through poor insulation?

Your walls have the greatest exposure to the outside weather. Average rates of heat loss in homes are as follows:

  • Roof 30%
  • Walls 30%
  • Ventilation 25%
  • Windows 15%
  • Floors 5%

Correctly installed external wall insulation from CosiHomes will reduce heat loss through the fabric of the building, increasing the level of comfort for the homeowner in addition to reducing their heating bills by up to 30%.

So what exactly is External Wall Insulation & how does it work?

Simply put, it consists of fixing an insulating material to the outer surface of the walls of your home. This insulation is covered with a protective mesh and weathertight render which is extremely durable and has high impact resistance. Although External wall insulation is a more expensive way to insulate the walls of your house, you will feel cosier & save money in the long run.

Our CosiHomes Solutions team can talk you through all your external wall insulation options and we can carry out a free energy survey in your home. Our insulation comes in a wide variety of colours and finishes, which can improve the exterior look of your home. While our CosiHomes Service install team will leave the outside of your home finished to a highly professional standard.


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