Is Home Insulation still important in Summer?

We all know insulation makes your home warmer in the winter but did you know it can also help keep your home cool in summer? Well it does, insulation and cooling go hand in hand.


Let us explain why insulation is still important in summer……… The actual impact of insulation is to slow the movement of heat between two spaces. What this means is that during the summer months the insulation will also prevent your home from overheating.


One of the best examples to illustrate how important insulation is in the summer is to visit your attic in the winter, with lots if insulation between the joists, you’ll notice the area is really cold. This is due to the heat being blocked from reaching the loft by all that thick insulation below you.


Now if you visit this same attic during the summer, you will notice that it is really hot up there. That is because the heat from the sun has warmed up the roof and attic space, but the insulation is slowing the movement of heat from the attic space down into the house.


You will also notice that a poorly insulated attic conversion is really cold in winter but also really hot in summer – another great example of how insulation helps to moderate the temperature in a home. Solid wall insulation does exactly the same thing – It means there is no need to put on the Air con during the summer months helping to save you money then too.


So as you can see from the above, home insulation is important as a winter energy saver but also to help keep your home cool this summer. Just remember, insulation is a barrier and as such it will stop heat from transferring across it, no matter what the direction.


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May 26th, 2016