How to stop draughts in your home

Stop Draughts

We have identified seven main ways to stop draughts around your home.

September has now arrived and our windier, colder & unfortunately draughtier weather is upon us. As we are all more than acutely aware Home heating can be very expensive, so knowing how to stop draughts in your home & save money as a result should be a priority for all us home owners.

1.) Try close gaps around flues & chimneys.

2.) Weather-strip the door to the attic

3.) Insulate around recessed lights 

4.) Plug any open stud cavities

5.)  Weather-strip doors and windows

6.) Caulk skinny gaps wherever you notice them.

7.) Put in door sweeps if draught coming under door

By following the above seven points above in how to stop draughts in your home, where applicable, it will result in a much cosier home and a significantly reduced heating bill in these colder months.

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September 19th, 2015