Top 10 Reasons why you should get Home Insulation

Although it’s summer and you are most likely not thinking about home insulation, it’s worthy to note that over 70% of Irish Homes are either uninsulated or inadequately insulated, so we thought it would be important to identify the top ten reasons why you should get home insulation, sooner rather than later.

 So our CosiHomes team put the below list of the top 10 reasons to get home insulation;


1. More Environmentally Friendly – By using less energy, you are reducing your carbon footprint.

2. Saving Money – By reducing heat loss and making your home more energy efficient, you will immediately start saving money, by up to 25%.

3. New Building regulations – For new builds you are required to have 12” of attic insulation

4. Government Grants Available – There are government grants available from the SEAI to make your home more energy efficient.

5. Your home becomes more warm & comfortable.

6.  It’s a cost effective way to improve your homes BER (Building Energy Rating)

7. It will add value to your home.

8. Health benefits – With a warmer & cosy home with no mould on walls, it can offer significant health benefits.

9. Most houses built prior to 2006 could benefit from a home insulation upgrade.

10. Your payback on wall & home insulation could be as little as 3 years


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July 11th, 2015